How You Can Help

Sometimes churches, groups and individuals ask how they can help us.  On this page we will share with you needs that we have and how you can help.

Prayer: the number one way that you can help is to pray for us.  We send out a newsletter every two or three months that updates you to come of our prayer needs.  We would be glad to add you to our mailing list via email or snail mail.

Small items:
  • Personal care items for give away care bags (like lip balm, small tube of toothpaste, hand lotion, toothbrush, etc.).  These bags are given away to to needy: children's gloves, socks, and warm hats are also needed; light weight food items like Ramen Noodles or Mac & cheese
  • We also need new small toys like Hot Wheels, coloring books and crayons, or small stuffed animals or dolls.  We give these away in our hospital ministry to boys and girls that come in for treatment at the hospital
  • We are also collecting 3 gallon and 5 gallon size buckets with lids.  These can be used, but they need to be food grade safe.  We give these away on special event days like July 4th with a Bible and other small useful items.  The Eskimo people use buckets for berry picking, storing food items or for storing their seal oil.
Big items:
  • We need a used mini van in good condition.  This van will be left in Anchorage to be used by missionaries when they come in from the bush for medical or family time.  The van needs to be in fairly good condition.
  • We also need a pickup truck that can handle a snow plow to be used in Kotzebue
  • We need two ATV 4-wheelers for use in two villages by our mission pastors.  A 4-wheeler is the only means of transportation in the villages in the summer.  In Kobuk and Shungnak, the 4-wheelers are on their last leg of use.
If someone wants to donate a vehicle, we can issue a letter for tax purposes and even get someone to drive it to Anchorage.  The truck will have to be shipped from Anchorage to Kotzebue.

If you want to help, send a donation in care of First Baptist Church, PO Box 26, Kotzebue, AK  99752 and be sure to tell us what it is for.